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The Gingerbread Man: Presented by Speakaboos on YouTube

CBeebies stories for children (by the BBC)

Children's stories on Agenda Web

Ten sites for reading children's stories online

English Talking Books: YouTube videos of famous fairy tales

Smories: Stories for kids read by kids

Complete Library of Children's Books Online: The Rosetta Project

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  • **Beantime Stories** - nice clear site with plenty of illustrated stories and poems. Each one has a recommended age so that you know which ones are suitable for your children.
  • **Bedtime Story** - this is a basic site but stick with it and delve deeper through the list of childrens stories to find all kinds of tales and adventrues.
  • **Cbeebies** - lovely colourful entertaining stories from the BBC. Choose by show, theme or recommended pick. Look out for the Little Bear stories in the Jackanory section as they are a favourite in our house.
  • **Creamy's Stories** - Creamy is a bear that thinks he's a dog! Must see site - excellent illustrations. Bea Kay publishes one chapter online at a time to keep you wanting more.
  • **Fable Library** - nicely presented online story archive which is well worth a look. There's a chance to make up your own fable and see it published online.
  • **Lil' Fingers Storybooks** - very simple online stories for your toddler who might like to click the mouse button to move the story on.
  • **Magic Keys Storybooks Online** - scroll down the menu page to find a wealth of online stories for all age groups. Nicely presented and complete with illustrations.
  • **Stuart Stories** - entertaining short stories for older children written by a father of three. There is a section of writing activities too which includes a collection of "finish me" stories.
  • **The North Star** - an enchanting story perfect for younger children due to it's delightful simplicity. Pick you character and your language and off you go ...